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Covert Surveillance

Monitoring all subjects using covert tactics to gather evidence. Data Finder will using modern and out-of-the-box strategies to capture evidence of fraud and deceit

Video & Audio surveillance

Data Finder investigators will monitor subject(s) using concealed technology to capture evidence which will be documented, analyzed, and is usable in a court of law as material from a third party. Hidden and covert materials to not alert subject(s), compliant with state laws

Bug Sweeps

A team of experienced investigators will use modern and trusted technology to locate and capture any covert devices hidden in your location. In an ever evolving technological world, your location can be littered with spying tools to capture sound, video, or even your web browsing. Data Finder will locate, and remove all such bugs

Landlord & Airbnb

Data Finder’s investigators will identify primary residences in all 50 states, provide insight and gather evidence of illegal sublets, and track any AirB&B in your property. Using pretexting and criminal investigative techniques to conduct investigations and gather evidence. Data Finder investigators are trained to capture evidence of guilt from the tenant of record and/or the illegal tenant


Insurers may file civil lawsuits under the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act which requires that insurers provide a preponderance of evidence

Insurance Information Institute


of crimes can be identified through video surveillance

U.S. Department of Justice


per month lost in revenue for landlords due to Aibbnb

Economic Policy Institute

Covert Cameras

Private investigators will deploy covert cameras throughout your locations to provide insight without alerting subjects to your monitoring. This is done through the use of installing both cameras and decoys that are consistently monitored over an extended period to gather as much evidence as possible, which is all court admissible

Matrimonial Cases

The Data Finder investigators are extremely sensitive to the difficulties of tracking, surveilling, and collecting evidence in matrimonial cases. Oftentimes clues are left in different ways that lead to an incomplete puzzle, however the Data Finder investigators are trained in identifying patterns and connecting-the-dots to identify contextual clues to build comprehensive analysis of the evidence