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Asset & Bank Account Searches

Locating your subjects assets, bank accounts, and properties. Data Finder uses state of the art technologies and our 1000+ sources to build a financial image of your subject

Bank Account Searches

The Data Finder investigators are trained to locate and search bank account records to view where hidden assets may lie. If you are attempting to learn about your subjects assets, Data Finder provides a team of investigators who are solely responsible for finding bank accounts which will provide you with information which can be used in a court of law for any potential money judgments, matrimonial disputes, embezzlement cases, bankruptcy proceedings, subornation of claims, objections to trust and estates, and collections investigations. Our investigations comply with all federal privacy laws and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. The information gathered will help to allow attorneys to garnish accounts

Asset Search

The Data Finder investigators will comb through 1,000+ sources to identify all real/tangible assets owned by a person of interest. All information is provided in a discrete dossier that has been used in many courts and has been used to marshal assets


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After a judgment is secured in court, the onus is on the victorious party to collect. However, that is difficult when assets, bank accounts, and places of work are unknown. The Data Finder investigators will locate subjects place of work to help attorneys garnish wages, assets, and bank accounts with balances. Once this information is secured, it can be turned over to sheriff for marshalling


Through a comprehensive background search, the Data Finder team of investigators will identify if your subject(s) have any loans, liens, bankruptcies and/or any outstanding debt