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Missing Persons Investigations

Using 1000+ sources to locate and identify your missing persons. Data Finder will find what you are looking for and provide you timely results

Skip Tracing

A proper skip trace is performed by gathering as much information as possible about the subject in question. Data Finder investigators then take this collection of information and analyze it to learn the location of the subject. Employing methods of social engineering, canvasing the subject’s friends and relatives and potential contacts of the subject, social media monitoring, and DMV geolocation records. The clues are identified and patterns analyzed to identify the location of your skip

Missing Persons

Data Finder will conduct missing persons searches nationwide, using an array of sources such as DMV license plate checks, residential reports, social media, cell phone records, bank account searches, and many more sources and tactics to provide you as much information as possible to track down your missing persons

Lost Heirs

Researching thousands of court reports and multiple data sources nationwide, Data Finder investigators will locate all heirs and relatives. By using pattern analysis recognition strategies, we will connect the dots for you and provide you with the clarity that you seek for probate investigations

Beneficiary Services

Investigating the records of insurance companies to identify if any beneficiary checks have been allocated towards your estate. Probate lawyers often do not research the location of the individuals listed within their beneficiary services and the money goes unclaimed. Data Finder investigators will research records and track down any checks assigned to an individual and the individuals current known location

Alive & Well Checks

Data Finder investigators are sensitive to the concerns to check on the health and well being of individuals. The investigators will conduct in-person or virtual meetings performed on a specified basis to document claimant’s health, medical treatment, next doctor’s visit, verification of employment, disability status, home environment, and physical restrictions