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Private Investigations

Data Finder is a licensed, insured, and bonded Private Investigations firm with 10 years of experience. A comprehensive team of detectives, private investigators, and expert report writers that specialize in insurance and corporate investigations, security, covert surveillance, and evidence gathering are deployed for your investigative needs

We are
  • Licensed
  • Bonded & Insured
  • Expert Consultants
  • Experienced
Our data is
  • Court Admissible
  • Verified
  • Trusted
  • Timely

What Data Finder Provides You

A free consultation with the Data Finder private investigators leads to a tailored investigation or currier service to fit your needs

The Data Finder team of licensed private investigators will gather evidence in a covert fashion and ensure chain of custody remains and deliver the assets to you, end to end

Once evidence is collected, the Data Finder department of expert report writers will analyze the evidence and build customized reports outlining all findings

Thorough reports are delivered that can be used in any court of law, and the Data Finder investigators will testify as expert witnesses for you

Our Numbers

9 +

years of experience

With over 11 years of expertise in private investigations, Data Finder will provide you a trusted experience, that uses critical thinking and out-of-the-box solutions to your investigative needs


organizations supported in 2023

Working with over 80 different organizations in 2023, your investigation is fully customized and tailored based on your free consultation


investigations completed as of Feb. '24

Conducting investigations in multiple industries provides you with experience and multifaceted strategies to capture evidence, keep the chain of custody, and present all data in a court admissible dossier

Specialized Services

Data Finder continues to support and help multiple industries succeed in their information and security goals. Continuously educating ourselves and improving practices, remaining a leading private investigation firm to never compromise on your needs. Ensuring timely, detailed, and accurate results


If you are looking for missing heirs, beneficiary services, or tracking down relatives Data Finder is nationwide with a team of investigators that has access to thousands of sources to provide the location of heirs and identify assets belonging to the estate

  • Bank Account Searches
  • Tracking Heirs and Relatives
  • Asset Identification


Data Finder has a team of specialized investigators who specialize in tracking and monitoring spouses. Understanding the intricacies of collecting evidence through covert video and audio recordings, and photographs designed to provide insight

  • Tracking & Monitoring
  • Covert Evidence Gathering
  • Asset & Bank Account Searches

Health Care

Data Finder will deploy experienced investigators to conduct complex fraud investigations. Compiling and analyzing data to build reports detailing findings of fraud, abuse, and waste in a customized dossier. All evidence gathered is court admissible

  • Negligence Claims
  • Caretaker Malfeasance
  • Improper Treatment


Data Finder deploys a team of investigators whose mission is to detect insurance fraud. This team is solely designated to review, identify, and gather evidence to root out and report on insurance fraud

  • Covert Evidence Gathering
  • Fraud Pretexting
  • Workers Compensation


The Data Finder investigators install covert cameras to monitor activity, locate your skip tenant, conduct asset and bank account searches, & capture evidence of AirB&B. Data Finder will use a team of investigators to begin your customized operation and submit reports that are court admissible which provides you the documentation needed from a legally trusted third party

  • Skip Tracing
  • Covert Surveillance
  • Asset & Bank Account Searches


Deploying security staff to all retail and commercial locations, and provide background checks to those you may begin partnerships with. Data Finder security are ex law-enforcement and military, who are trained to protect assets and people

  • Theft Identification
  • Securing Premises
  • Covert Surveillance


Armed and or unarmed guard services with former police and military officers to secure your assets or people. Data Finder is highly trained to provide you with the level of protection you want

  • Comprehensive Protection
  • Former Police & Military
  • Armed & Unarmed

Asset Transportation

Securely transporting your asset through end to end pickup and delivery, with your items on persons at all times in a locked box, and tracked via GPS

  • Fully Secured
  • GPS Tracked
  • End to End Service

Expert Investigators & Trusted Advisors

A team consisting of former law enforcement, military and attorneys will consult with you on your private investigation needs. Their combined experience provides you the insight you’ve been looking for

All matters are kept strictly confidential with the use of encrypted communications and safely secured storage of data

Assignments are completed in a timely manner, using accurate information, and a team of experts to answer all questions

All reports are admissible in court from a trusted third party source, and the Data Finder investigators are expert witnesses