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Fraud Investigations

Conducting thorough fraud investigations to protect your business and yourself. Data Finder will investigate fraud and use covert strategies to capture evidence and ensure materials collected support your needs

Personal Injury

Fraud comes in all shapes and sizes, to combat this the Data Finder investigators will relentlessly surveil and gather evidence to identify fraudulent claims. Claims are often exaggerated or false, leading businesses to be negatively affected. Using false flag techniques, pretexting, social engineering, and interviews - if fraud has been committed, it will be identified and your business will be protected

Workers Compensation

Data Finder will investigate workers compensation claims, check claimants history to identify patterns, conduct covert surveillance to gather evidence of day to day activities, use out of the box strategies to capture evidence of guilt, and provide you a comprehensive dossier with evidence attached that is admissible in a court of law


is the average cost of injury resulting from motor-vehicle

Injury Facts

$31.2 billion

paid in 2021 for medical and hospitalization cost from workplace injuries

National Safety Council

$40 billion

total cost of insurance
fraud estimated
each year

Federal Bureau of Investigations


The Data Finder private investigators use out of the box thinking and trusted techniques to have your subject(s) submit evidence of their guilt on their own behalf. Employing a multicultural and multilingual staff, which allows agile integration and in-depth covert to take place

Auto Insurance

Automobile fraud claims cost insurers $5.6 - $7.7 billion in payments in 2015. Data Finder will investigate auto records, interview witnesses, collect evidence, and connect the dots to provide you a clearer picture of what occured. The reports prepared are court admissible with evidence gathered that supports your case

Social Media Tracking

Monitoring all major social media sites, the Data Finder private investigators will scan for posts by the person of interest & their peers. Further, our team will conduct IP range scans to look for pseudo anonymous post on sites such as Reddit, correlate the data points to emails addresses used to access, then provide you a fully detailed report on the online activities of the person of interest