Probate Investigations

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Probate Investigations

Conducting thorough probate investigations to support heirs and relatives through difficult times

Asset Searches

Working with the estates executors and heirs to locate all tangible assets of the decedent. Conducting research through 1,000+ databases and following bread crumbs to provide the most accurate information about the assets owned; such as property, boats, motor vehicles, etc...

Beneficiary Services

Investigating the records of insurance companies to identify if any beneficiary checks have been allocated towards your estate. Probate attorneys often miss researching the location of the individuals listed within their beneficiary services and the money goes unclaimed. Data Finder investigators will research records and track down any checks assigned to an individual and the individuals current known location

Bank Account Searches

Using state of the art technological approaches to identify bank accounts associated with the person(s) of interest. A financial dossier will be provided that incorporates all accounts identified and the current balance


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average account balance located

Data Finder Statistics


average assets identified per investigation

Data Finder Statistics

Lost Heirs

Researching thousands of court reports and multiple data sources nationwide, Data Finder investigators will locate all heirs and relatives. By using pattern analysis recognition strategies, we will connect the dots for you and provide you with the clarity that you seek for probate investigations