Landlord-Tenant Investigations

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Landlord-Tenant Investigations

Using a specialized team to conduct investigations on tenants that violate their lease through covert surveillance, pretexting, asset and bank account searches for garnishment

Missing Tenant

Data Finder will investigate and locate the whereabouts of tenants that have skipped on their lease. Our investigators have access to 1,000+ databases to correlate data from state and federal records, utilities, consumer records, social media posts, and other sources to provide the most accurate location

Asset & Bank Account Search

Once you receive a judgment against a former tenant, the onus is on you to collect. A judgement simply states you have the right to collect, however locating assets, bank accounts, and places of work is complicated. The investigators at Data Finder will conduct a search to provide you a discrete dossier containing all tangible assets, bank accounts and balances, and places of work.

False Hardship Declaration

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many tenants falsely submitted a Hardship Declaration, while still fully employed, to take advantage of the law and abuse Landlords. This is a legal document, and if submitted under false pretenses, the tenant is liable to perjury charges. Many Landlords are employing the Data Finder team to investigate their tenants employment status. Using social engineering techniques, database searches, and onsite investigators, our team will identify where your tenant is employed.


Back Rent Owed

NYT, Aug. 2021


Tenants in NY not paying rent

NYT, Aug. 2021


eviction moratoriums expire in NY

Kathy Hochul, Jan. 2021

Airbnb Violations

Data Finder will conduct a tactical investigation by collecting Airbnb website date, installing covert and decoy cameras on site, and deploying an onsite investigator to record all conversations and capture photographic evidence inside the Airbnb

Bawdy-House Investigtions

NYS RPA ยง 711 commonly known as the Bawdy House Law, states that once it is known that a tenant is conducting lewd operations, a special proceeding to evict a tenant may begin even during the Covid moratorium for nonpayment evictions

Key Swap

Our investigators will be deployed on site with the use of covert cameras to conduct a key swap of all tenants. The investigators will capture evidence of each tenant, identification, and record of their residency in your property